House Democrats’ Latest Move Is Putting Americans at Risk

House Democrats' Latest Move Is Putting Americans at Risk

( – Over the last several months, activists have slammed the Biden administration for continuing former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 policy. The policy allows the government to quickly deport illegal immigrants who have COVID-19 and other easily spread diseases. House Democrats have now done something that could put the country at risk.

On Tuesday, June 29, Democrats blocked a motion that would have allowed a bill from Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM) to move forward. The Republican congresswoman introduced the PAUSE Act of 2021 which would have required the strict enforcement of Title 42 and allowed for the quick deportations of certain immigrants. It would stop DHS and HHS from weakening that policy.

In a recent speech on the House floor, Herrell said that her bill is necessary in order to protect America. Even though the pandemic appears to be nearing an end, COVID-19 is still a concern. There are reports that Border Patrol has released immigrants infected with the virus and allowed them to enter the US. With a disease as infectious as the novel coronavirus, that puts Americans at risk. The congresswoman said that if Title 42 ends, it would turn the crisis into an “unmitigated, uncontrollable, and undeniable catastrophe.” Unfortunately, it seems Democrats are not concerned about the health and safety of US citizens.

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