House Dems Eye Fresh Impeachment

House Dems Eye Fresh Impeachment

( – Over 35 million people have filed for unemployment, the economy is in a tailspin, and with just six months until the November election, Democrats are at it again. On Monday, House Democrats told the nine justices on the Supreme Court that “The [House Judiciary] Committee’s investigation did not cease with the conclusion of the impeachment trial.” It appears the Democrats have learned nothing about the recent revelations that the Russian hoax was just that: a hoax.

The Democrats want to get their hands on redacted grand jury material from the Russia probe to determine if President Trump committed impeachable offenses. In a court filing on Monday, they said the secret grand jury evidence is “central to its inquiry into possible obstruction of justice by the president.” They are seeking testimony, exhibits, and transcripts. Democrats “promised” there wouldn’t be any leaks and that they put “special protocols” in place to guarantee secrecy.

In the court filing, House Democrats said the Department of Justice (DOJ) was wrong to withhold the redacted grand jury files and is obstructing the committee from its impeachment duties. They further said the grand jury material doesn’t belong to the DOJ since the Mueller report was completed. They claim that the public is suffering “grave and irreparable injury” as long as they don’t have the report.

Mueller Report Found No Evidence of Collusion

Unsealed court documents from former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn‘s case was revealing. Senior Obama officials consistently told Democratic lawmakers, in sworn testimony, that there was never any evidence that Trump, or anyone on his campaign team, colluded with Russia. The documents revealed that Russia did not interfere in the election despite claims by Democrats who knew the facts, yet continue to present a very different story.

In February 2018, the DOJ indicted 13 Russian nationals for interfering in the 2016 election. They were accused of funding a social media campaign to sow discord in the US political system. However, in March, the DOJ dropped the charges.

Democrats Are Fishing

Democrats are trying to dig up materials that could show whether or not Trump exercised improper political influence over DOJ decisions involving Flynn and Roger Stone. In Flynn’s case, the DOJ dismissal court filing goes into great detail about FBI misconduct and how senior FBI officials set him up. In the case of Roger Stone, the DOJ withdrew its original sentencing recommendation of nine years of prison time to three years.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said the cases “blur the lines” between oversight and impeachment. He said it’s difficult to see how a credible impeachment claim could come out of either case. In both instances involving Flynn and Stone, Turley believes the DOJ was entirely within its prosecutorial discretion.

With Trump’s approval ratings at its highest in his presidency at 49%, and in light of all the Congressional and DOJ investigations that have proven to be false, Democrats should reconsider before taking the country through another impeachment trial.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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