House Republicans Try to Halt Trump Impeachment

House Republicans Try to Halt Trump Impeachment

( – House Republicans have launched an attempt to stop the Democrats from wasting even more time and money on a new drive to impeach President Trump. On Saturday, January 9, a letter signed by seven GOP representatives urged Joe Biden to rein in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from her latest taxpayer-funded publicity stunt.

Over the weekend, there have been growing calls from congressional Democrats to make President Trump the first commander-in-chief in US history to be impeached twice. It’s a pointless demand – the president’s first term ends in nine days anyway, and there’s no chance of the impeachment process running its course in that time – but many Democrats can’t accept the fact the first impeachment failed, and they’re grabbing their last chance to try again.

Now seven Republicans, led by Representative Ken Buck (R-CO), have called on Joe Biden to put a stop to the games. In a letter which reminds Biden “A presidential impeachment should not occur in the heat of the moment, but rather after great deliberation,” the group pointed out that vindictive attacks on Trump are not going to help bring America back together.


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