How to get a “Free Ride” on New Year’s Eve

Uber Specials
Uber Specials

In your eagerness to usher 2016 out the door –- and believe me, you are not alone in your efforts — don’t forget to address the transportation issue. Sometimes having a designated driver isn’t enough because they may end up wanting “just a few” drinks themselves. Luckily, even some rural areas have some free transportation options that can make your celebration less expensive, and much safer.
Uber Specials
Uber has specials going on in some cities, like Nashville, where you can use the code NASHNYE to get a free ride or up to $20 off. When you go through Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Uber will make a donation on your behalf. Uber suggests heading out to celebrate early and coming home after midnight in order to avoid Surge pricing, an increase in prices depending on how busy the system is.
Holiday Safe Ride
AAA is famous for offering free tows and rides on New Year’s Eve, but it isn’t available everywhere. Check to see if the AAA Holiday Safe Ride program is available in your area, but plan ahead even if it is. Call 1-800-AAA-HELP and you may be able to get a ride home as well as a tow, so you don’t have to go back to pick your car up. AAA has also partnered with some taxi services to offer free rides on New Year’s Eve.
Train and Bus Rides
In metropolitan areas that offer subways, trains, and buses, free rides are fairly easy to get. Some start as early as 6 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and run until 4 a.m. on New Year’s Day. Various cities in California, Portland, Nashville, and Chicago all have options for free rides — just to name a few places. Check your area carefully, because some of the schedules are extended, but others operate on a regular schedule.
Quick Search
Your own city may have something to offer in the way of cheap or free transportation. Most of them have a room to stay for the night if you decide to drink and drive, but the room service sucks, it’s overpriced, and handcuffs aren’t nearly as attractive as a nice watch or bracelet. Try typing “free rides New Year’s Eve 2016 in __________” in your browser, putting the name of your city in the blank space.
Whatever you do, ring in the New Year with a smile on your face, knowing you’re safe. Carpool, share a cab and split the fare, or just party at home; it’s not worth the risk to take chances with your own life or the lives of others on the road. Even if you pay for the ride, it’s still cheaper and less painful than jail, hospitalization — or worse. What are you doing to make sure you start the New Year off safely?