How to Live Among Terrorists

Concerns over local acts of terrorism are very real… here’s what you can do according to the experts.

With frequent acts of terror in the news, the question becomes, how can we protect ourselves and our families from being in the wrong place at the wrong time? We can’t live our lives in fear… we have go to work, take the kids to school, and go shopping, etc.
United Voice consulted counter terrorism experts on the subject of how to go about our lives under the constant threat of some sort of terrorism where we live. Their answer was vigilance.
It means being aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood, in the places where you shop, in your work environment, etc. If more people are vigilant, chances are, anything suspicious will be noticed and can be reported to the local authorities immediately.
This simple step could save countless lives. Recall that in San Bernardino, people who lived near the terrorist were suspicious, but did not take action to report it. Had they taken action, the event may never have happened.
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We also have to be concerned about a larger scale terrorist event that impacts a large portion of a town or city. A major disruption could mean that local authorities become overwhelmed and unable to respond to our particular needs. We could lose utilities, access to food, fresh water, fuel, and lose the freedom to safely move about in fear of rioting mobs and desperate unprepared people.
We consulted our experts again and here’s the advice they gave us. Develop a mindset that times have changed and the world is not the same as it was a year ago. We have to face reality that major threats can develop at any time forcing us to be self-reliant.

We need to think about what we’ll need to make it through days, weeks, or even longer without access to food, water, and the basics of modern living. We also have to think about being first-responders when police or other agencies are spread so thin that they can’t help us.
We have to expand our thinking beyond mere home security systems and consider the need to protect our home and family in the event rioters expand into urban areas.

It all starts with accepting the reality that things can get out of control quickly and that preparation is cheap insurance.

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