How to Say "No" & Get Out Gracefully

How to say no
How to say no

We’ve all been there. A friend asks for something and it’s not a good fit or not a good time. While it’s great to help out a friend, often the cost is too high, yet we still find ourselves saying “okay” at the expense of sleep and other obligations. Learning to confidently say “no” to more requests more often gives you the time you need to take care of your family, your career and yourself.
Easy Ways to Say No
The key in saying no gracefully is to be straightforward in a sentence or two without any big emotion or apology. It’s truly a matter-of-fact issue. When it comes to your valuable time, it’s the same as cash. You’ve got to have a lot of extra cash or time to afford to give it away. Your time must be treated with the same care–it’s all you’ve got. Here are a few examples of how to say no:
“This week is too busy, it’s not a good time for me, thanks.”
“Can’t help you with that, I’m behind on my own projects. Good luck!”
“Thanks for thinking of me, but my cash is all tied up. Good luck on your project!”

“Simple, to the point, and matter-of-fact works every time.“

If you sandwich this between thanking your friend for thinking of you and the offer of support, your friend should understand completely. If they don’t, you need to consider whether it’s worth keeping a friend with so little respect for your time.