How to Survive Tear Gas

How to Survive Tear Gas

There probably isn’t any given morning when you wake up with concerns about dealing with tear gas. After all, you aren’t a criminal and have no intention of putting yourself in a situation that would call for the use of the chemical, right?

That may be true, but what happens if someone else puts you in that situation?

Why You Need Tear Gas Info

Protests are becoming more common and it isn’t unheard of for people who aren’t even involved to be impacted by them. Of course, if you are protesting, you’re even more likely to need this information. Tear gas is most dangerous when it’s used indoors, but it isn’t easy to deal with outside, either. If you’re planning to go to a protest, take a remedy with you. If you aren’t, at least you’ll know what to use if you should ever need it.

Simple Tear Gas Relieving Ingredients

Believe it or not, something as simple as liquid antacid and water can relieve you of your tear gas woes. In a clean spray bottle, mix equal parts antacid and water. When you are exposed to tear gas (which isn’t really a gas, but particles), spray the mixture in your eyes and mouth, then swallow it. The mixture will help flush the chemicals out of your eyes and system.

Other Tear Gas Supplies

If you’re planning to go to a protest or some other area where dealing with tear gas is a possibility, a neutralizing mixture is good, but protection is important too. Some safety goggles and a dust mask can help keep the tear gas out of your airways and eyes. Tear gas is made to stimulate nerves in your lungs, mouth, nose and eyes. It causes coughing and sneezing, making it difficult to breathe. It can also cause eye pain and sometimes even blindness. It can be especially dangerous if you have contact lenses in when dealing with tear gas, so avoid wearing them in protest situations.

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