How Will [You] be Rated on This New Site?

This week we’ve been made aware of a company that considers themselves the ‘Yelp for people’ where anyone with a Facebook account can rate and review you whether you like it or not.
We can already rate doctors, books, products, restaurants, hotels, movies & college professors… so hey, why not your ex, your neighbor and your buddies annoying girlfriend too?
Will this make the world a better place? We’re not exactly sure. Frankly, we love the transparency the internet gives us, but it’s terrifying to imagine a world where we must be concerned with such easily accessible mental garbage of any number of emotionally charged people that we’ve annoyed.

When the site launches, this November, people will begin assigning reviews and 1-5 star ratings to anyone they know.
There’s no opt-out, and you cannot delete bad, biased, defamatory or even just plain wrong reviews as this is another site that is protected by the strongest law in our country, namely Freedom of Speech. In other words, this is a globally accessible bathroom wall with unlimited wall space to write whatever is on your mind about anyone anytime without much risk. Terrifying or empowering?