HR1’s Hostile Takeover of Elections Could Cause Chaos, Litigation, and Fraud

HR1's Hostile Takeover of Elections Could Cause Chaos, Litigation, and Fraud

( – It appears that Democrats are becoming the party of election corruption. In the wake of the 2020 general election, Republican-led states are enacting election reform laws that shore up voter integrity and seek to re-instill confidence in election systems. However, Democrats intend to find a way to stop states like Georgia that recently passed legislation that would expand voting rights.

The atmosphere is so partisan that common sense is out the window for Democrats. In the last week, President Biden even lied four times about the Georgia law. In March, the House passed the controversial HR1 bill titled the “For the People Act.” However, a close reading of the bill shows it’s not for the people at all. It’s for the continued erosion of election integrity that helps Democrats win elections. A new study shows that the bill working its way through the Senate will likely sow chaos into the system that leads to fraud and litigation.

New Report Details Severe Problems With HR 1

The Honest Elections Project warned lawmakers in 2020 that the election flaws existed in several states. Now, it’s suggesting that Democrats are throwing caution to the wind, and the consequences could be devastating upon further, more thorough study of the proposed legislation.

The group notes that even subtle changes to laws can cause tremendous opportunities to harm election integrity when state officials aren’t given time to design and implement proper systems. However, Democrats don’t seem to care as they knew the timelines they were creating in the bill were unrealistic.

So, what’s in HR1 that could cause so many problems? According to The Honest Elections Project, there are several issues. For starters, it would force 14 states that currently don’t have no-excuse mail-in voting to institute it. The mandate would force states to develop a system that would put voters on an absentee list automatically.

HR1 also requires states to implement an automatic voter registration, which most states don’t have and would need to set up. The states with automatic voter registration would be required to update their systems to meet federal requirements. The challenge is that a rush to make these changes would likely result in registering a slew of ineligible voters. In addition, the bill also mandates same-day registration, which 29 states don’t offer.

Constitutional Questions Abound

Even though it’s Constitutionally questionable whether the Federal government can take over elections, Democrats don’t want a level playing field. They are not creating a secure election system. Instead, Democrats would be inviting chaos, confusion, fraud, and litigation as election systems would be upended across the country.

Really, what could go wrong?

It may not matter. The Senate needs 60 votes to pass the bill, and it’s extremely unlikely Democrats will get 10 Republicans to go along with it.

Hopefully, it’s a moot point unless Democrats find a way to shove it into a reconciliation bill. The odds are long, but these days, it seems anything is possible.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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