Hulk Hogan Allegedly Can’t Feel His Lower Body After Latest Surgery

Hulk Hogan Can't Feel His Lower Body After Latest Surgery

( – Hulk Hogan is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. The 69-year-old’s career took a toll on his body, though. Recently, another professional wrestler shared news about Hogan’s health that shocked fans; but the star’s representative has denied the claims.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Hogan’s friend, Kurt Angle, discussed the wrestling legend in his most recent podcast. He claimed he met up with the WWE Hall of Famer at the 30th Anniversary of “Monday Night Raw,” and Hogan had to use a cane to get around. Angle claimed the star had a back surgery that left him unable to feel his legs.

Angle told his audience that Hogan couldn’t “feel his lower body” and had to use the cane because he “can’t feel his legs.”

Hogan’s representative disputed the claims, telling ET, “Everything is okay with him.” They said he “is not paralyzed.”

On January 30, Hogan posted a photo of himself on Twitter at Hogan’s Hangout on Clearwater Beach in Florida.

The most recent surgery is one of many the star has undergone throughout his life. In 2010, he had a 10-hour back surgery at a Tampa hospital that reportedly included fusion work and reshaping and restructuring of his spine. He has also had multiple neck surgeries over the years to correct the damage done to his body from his professional and Olympic careers.

The Evening Standard reported that in 2021, Hogan discussed all of the health problems he has had. He said his hips and knees are not real. Also, both his face and back are full of metal.

Though professional wrestling is often viewed as fake, it’s incredibly dangerous for those who participate in it. Stone Cold Steve Austin, another former WWE star, also has lasting injuries from his time in the ring. The star suffered a neck injury in 1997 and had to have multiple surgeries. He has also had work done on at least one shoulder. Then there are the injuries that cannot be repaired. Owen Hart died during a Pay Per View event in 1999. He fell from the rafters while he was making his entrance to the stage. The accident happened in front of a live audience.

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