Humanity Rises Against COVID-19

Humanity Rises Against COVID-19

( – Coronavirus news is breaking faster than anyone can keep up with it. Despite overwhelming emotional impacts hitting by the minute, people around the world are showing that the human spirit is indomitable.

Acts of goodwill are cutting through dark clouds, casting light for some to follow. People across the globe are cheering for their healthcare workers during shift changes, showering them with love and support. Applause can be heard ringing from buildings as thousands of residents praise the bravery and sacrifice of these heroes.

In Chicago, the movement is being called #Solidarityat8. A similar practice has grown in New York City, with Clap for NYC. Similar activities are happening in Italy, Spain, and even China.

The world is uniting to fight the pandemic with hope — and faith. President Trump called for a national day of prayer in March to support those affected by the virus. Now, people are calling for a time of worship and meditation on April 4 at 7:45 p.m. Pacific Time to pray against the spread of the disease.

The coronavirus may have the world under lockdown, but it is not breaking our spirits. If anything, it is showing the true colors of humanity. We may be suffering from social-distancing, but in some ways, we are closer now than ever.

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