Hundreds of Americans Reported Missing in Disturbing Mystery

Hundreds of Americans Reported Missing in Disturbing Mystery

( – Mexico has long been an incredibly dangerous country. Wars between the cartels and the government have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. It’s also the most deadly country for journalists. Americans are also not safe in the popular vacation destination.

On May 16, SpyTalk released a report revealing almost 600 Americans are missing in Mexico. Families of the victims often complain the State Department is of little help. In 2016, one of the Americans who went missing was 32-year-old Frederick Henry Bell Mix IV (aka Beau). He was living in Puerto Morelos, a popular resort town. His mom, Christeen Mix, said she spoke to him on July 22 of that year, and he told her he would call her in a few days. The call never came.

Christeen Mix desperately tried calling him for weeks, but Beau never answered. She said she reported that her son was missing to the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, but neither the FBI nor the consular’s office were able to find him. Four months later, someone told her that her son was dead and helped her arrange for his remains to be sent home to Savannah, Georgia.

In 2017, 21-year-old Robert Torres went missing in Mexico. For years, Lisa Torres has tried to receive help from the US government. When four Americans were kidnapped in the country earlier this year, President Joe Biden’s administration sprang into action. Two of the four were rescued alive, but the others died. Lisa Torres took to Twitter and said she wants the federal government to help her find her son, too.

In subsequent posts, she said she’d heard nothing back from the government.

The State Department claims it always works hard to find Americans who go missing, but families seem unconvinced.

And while the number of Americans missing in the country is truly frightening, they are just a small fraction of the more than 112,000 Mexican nationals who have also vanished.

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