Hundreds of Prosecutors Resign in New York

Hundreds of Prosecutors Resign in New York

Hundreds RESIGN – Leftist Takeover Goes Wrong!

( – In many Democratic-led cities across America, crime is out of control. In 2020, some big cities began defunding their police departments. The result was a booming wave of violent crimes. Still, the lack of officers was only one of the problems leading to the escalating crime. In San Francisco, voters recalled their district attorney, and in Los Angeles, it could happen again soon. In New York City, prosecutors are taking measures into their own hands.

Instead of casting a ballot, prosecutors are voting with their feet in New York City. On his first day in office in early 2021, New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg issued a memo directing prosecutors to avoid seeking prison sentences for criminals and let many off with misdemeanors instead of felonies. Bragg’s soft-on-crime approach has led hundreds of prosecutors across New York City to resign.

Hundreds of Prosecutors Walk Away

As the DA’s office issued criminal justice reforms, prosecutors said the new policies were “insane.” Former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon told the New York Post the new regulations were crippling. Instead of working as trial lawyers, prosecutors were performing file clerk duties. She said a recently enacted new state law mostly required collecting irrelevant information that wasn’t even part of a case.

The number of prosecutors across New York City is declining fast, making justice for victims even more difficult. In the Manhattan DA’s office, 65 district attorneys have resigned since the first of the year. In 2021, 97 prosecutors walked away.

In Brooklyn, DA Eric Gonzalez’s policies apparently helped drive away 67 out of nearly 500 prosecutors this year. That compares with 84 who left in 2020 and 94 who said enough was enough in 2021. The story keeps repeating itself all across the city. In the Bronx, 59 prosecutors resigned from January through May.

Inexperienced Lawyers Replace Seasoned Veterans

According to an April New York Times report, attorneys said they were leaving due to burnout from the pandemic, non-competitive salaries, and two state laws requiring unreasonable amounts of documentation and paperwork, essentially turning assistant DAs into file clerks rather than using their skills as prosecuting attorneys. Bronx DA Darcel Clark also noted that the work-life balance is unmanageable.

As lawyers with more experience leave the DA’s offices for more money and less heartache, those with less experience move into more prominent legal roles, which leaves the potential that prosecutors might make more mistakes resulting in mistrials or other costly and damaging issues.

If DAs stop seeking prison sentences and add new rules to prosecutors’ jobs, like proving the impact of incarceration on public safety before charging a suspect, it could further complicate matters.

Where is the public in all of the debate? Do they approve of the DA’s actions which helped contribute to the tidal wave of resignations?

As other cities have proven, elections have consequences. Could New York voters decide to recall or replace far-left district attorneys and choose DAs who will help enforce law and order?

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