Hunter Biden Admits There’s a Criminal Probe

Hunter Biden Admits There's a Criminal Probe

( – For years, there have been allegations and rumors that potential President-Elect Joe Biden and his family took advantage of his political clout for financial gain. At the center of the allegations is Biden’s youngest son, Hunter. In September, the Senate Homeland Security Committee released an 87-page report detailing Hunter’s affairs. In October, a laptop allegedly owned in the past by the younger Biden surfaced and revealed information linking him to financial and other improprieties.

Hunter Biden admitted on Wednesday, December 9, that he has been under a criminal grand jury investigation by the US Attorney’s office in Delaware since 2018 over his financial and tax affairs.

Media Cover-up Amid Tepid Denials

In October, the New York Post reported that they received vital information from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden detailing his foreign dealings. While serving as vice president, Biden’s son had numerous questionable activities that were leveraged because of his father’s political clout, and the elder politician might have been in on the take.

Hunter served on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company despite having no background in the energy industry. He did legal work for an allegedly corrupt Romanian businessman. Additionally, the younger Biden secured millions of dollars in deals with Chinese companies while accompanying his father on a trip to China aboard Air Force 2.

Weeks before the election, one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Tony Bobulinski, went public with details of the Biden family corruption and how they prospered in dealings with Chinese companies. He explained how the family used Joe Biden’s political clout to prosper financially in China and other countries and said the former vice president was deeply involved and approved the transactions.

According to a Politico article, Hunter is also under investigation by the securities fraud division of the Southern District of New York. Additionally, since 2019, investigators from Washington, D.C., and Delaware are looking into potential money laundering and foreign ties.

However, the liberal mainstream media covered up the stories and buried them. They claimed it was unverified, but that’s because they refused to verify it. Big Tech jumped in and censored the story, as well, to shield and protect Joe Biden during the election.

Now the Story Comes Out

After months of denying the story, Hunter’s admission that he’s under investigation is forcing the media to report on it. It’s too little, too late where the election is concerned. However, the issue now threatens to bog down a potential Biden administration in scandal as possible criminal charges loom. It’s unknown if Joe Biden is a target of the investigation as federal investigators don’t acknowledge active probes.

In October, the former vice president said there was nothing to see and dismissed the allegation against himself and his son.

However, it appears there is much to the story.

Stay tuned.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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