Hunter Biden Admits Truth About Addiction Past

Hunter Biden Admits Truth About Addiction Past

( – It’s no secret that Hunter Biden had a problem with drug and alcohol addiction. President Joe Biden’s only living son has spoken about it before, and it made headlines during the campaign when alleged photos of him doing drugs circulated. However, the first son’s new memoir sheds even more light on his issues.

On March 30, the New York Times published excerpts from the memoir, “Beautiful Things.” In the prologue, Hunter said he “bought crack cocaine” in Washington DC and has “cooked up [his] own” inside an LA bungalow. Throughout the book, he reportedly details his life, including the accident that killed his mom and sister, his relationship with his brother Beau’s widow, his crack addiction, and even his dealings with Ukraine.

Hunter has been accused of using his dad’s position as vice president to make money during President Barack Obama’s time in office. He is currently being investigated for tax crimes by the Delaware US attorney. The investigation is ongoing. His memoir hits shelves on April 6.


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