Hunter Biden’s Attorney ACCUSED – Another Scandal Explodes!

Hunter Biden's Attorney Accused of Ethics Violation

Hunter Biden’s Attorney Accused of Ethics Violation

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s life and business dealings have been the topic of much speculation over the years. There is so much drama surrounding the POTUS’ oldest living child that there was a movie made about him called “My Son Hunter.” Now, one of the people involved in the film has taken action against Biden’s attorney.

According to an exclusive by The New York Post, producer Phelim McAleer filed an ethics complaint with the California Bar Association against attorney Kevin Morris. The film executive claims Morris flew to Serbia in November when the movie was being filmed and lied about who he was. He pretended to be a documentary filmmaker working independently and making content for “South Park streaming.” Morris previously represented the co-creators of the popular animated show and seemingly used that knowledge to carry out a campaign of spying on McAleer’s film.

The complaint alleges Morris was on a fact-finding mission for his client. He had a meeting with McAleer and his wife, fellow producer Ann McElhinney in a Belgrade café, after which he was granted full access to the set for several days. McAleer and Ann McElhinney also sat for more than four hours of interviews with Morris.

The California Bar Association is now investigating the complaint. Morris could face disciplinary action.

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