Hunter Biden’s Special Request Denied By Federal Judge

Hunter Biden's Special Request Denied By Federal Judge

( – President Biden’s son is due to appear in court on federal firearms charges in October, and it seems he’s not looking forward to the experience. His lawyers want him to be allowed to appear by video, instead of turning up in person. The judge doesn’t agree.

In June, Hunter Biden agreed to a controversial plea deal that would have seen him escape jail on federal tax evasion and gun charges. However, that deal spectacularly fell apart on July 26, when a federal judge raised questions about the arrangement, and Hunter decided to plead not guilty.

Now he’s going to stand trial on a charge of having lied about his illegal drug use while purchasing a handgun in 2018. His brother Beau Biden’s widow Hallie, whom Hunter was in a relationship with at the time, was worried about the sudden appearance of a gun in her drug-addicted boyfriend’s home, and threw it in a dumpster near a school. It was later found there and traced back to Hunter, who is due to make his first court appearance in Delaware on October 3.

However, on September 19, Hunter’s legal team told the court he planned to stick with his not-guilty plea — and then asked that he be allowed to make his first appearance over a video link. Early the next day, Special Counsel David Weiss, who has been investigating Hunter and brought the charges against him, filed papers opposing that request. Weiss cited the serious gun charge Hunter is facing, and argued that he shouldn’t get any special treatment.

Hours after Weiss’s objection, Judge Christopher Burke threw out the request, saying Hunter Biden “should be treated just as would any other defendant.” Meanwhile, his legal team continues to insist he shouldn’t even face trial, arguing that the charges are barred by the plea deal — which isn’t in force anymore.

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