Hunter Biden’s Texts Reveal Extreme Racism

Hunter Biden's Text Reveal Extreme Racism

( – Remember when Democrats repeatedly called former President Donald Trump racist? And, how they continue to try to paint the entire conservative movement as a bunch of white supremacists? Welp, it seems one of the most recognizable racists in America is not only a part of their party, but he is the son of the president of the United States.

On June 16, the Daily Mail broke a disturbing story about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, making disparaging and racist comments about Asian people in text messages to his cousin, Caroline Biden. The texts were reportedly found on the laptop alleged to belong to him. In January 2019, he had a conversation with his cousin about setting him up with her rich, attractive friends. Caroline asked Hunter if he wanted “foreign or domestic.” She said she wasn’t able to give him “f***ing Asian” women, though.

Hunter responded, “Domesticated foreigner is fine. No yellow.”

The texts were the second ones to reveal how racist Hunter is behind closed doors. Other texts show him repeatedly using the n-word in discussions with his white lawyer. The Liberal media has all but ignored the story, outraging conservatives. The silence from all of the pundits that accused Trump of racism time and again is exactly what we have come to expect from the Left.

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