Hypocrisy Alert: Biden Reopens Child Detention Centers

Hypocrisy Alert: Biden Reopens Child Detention Centers

(UnitedVoice.com) – It’s almost paradoxical that Trump’s “kids in cages” is Biden’s “overflow facilities.” That’s the message the White House is sending after it surfaced that the Biden Administration is once again opening detention facilities to house up to 700 illegal immigrants from 13 to 17 years old. Health and Human Services (HHS) recently reopened a 66-acre detention center for children in Carrizo Springs, TX. They are preparing to open another in Homestead, FL.

In 2019, Democrats widely denounced former President Trump for continuing the same Obama-era policies of separating children and detaining them temporarily. During a hearing on Capitol Hill, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee sparked a firestorm when they showed pictures of migrant children in fenced-in areas sleeping on floors. They claimed Trump was treating children like animals by holding them in cages.

The problem was they used pictures from 2014 — during the Obama administration. However, throughout the 2020 campaign season, it didn’t stop them from accusing Trump of human rights abuses and cruelty towards children.

Joe Biden even went as far as to promise not to hold migrant children in detention centers if elected president. However, he didn’t say what he would do either. Now we know. He’s returning to the original policies created when he was vice president.

The Shoe Is on the Other Foot

By 2019, Trump ended the Obama-era child detention program. However, within a month of entering office, President Biden is bringing the controversial program back. On Tuesday, February 13, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki offered a misguided attempt at controlling the situation as the administration took heat from every direction.

Dancing around the issue without a coherent answer, Psaki said the administration needed these child detention facilities because of COVID-19. Additionally, she admitted the administration was keeping the children detained longer than the legally allowed holding time. She added that while holding them longer than allowed wasn’t their policy, it’s okay to do it anyway.

The press secretary also failed to address the reason why the children were suddenly reappearing. Last month, thousands of migrants attempted to make a caravan from Central America. Migrants told news outlets they believed Biden’s campaign rhetoric indicating he would offer them the opportunity to come into the United States unabated.

After years of harassing Trump for following through with Obama/Biden policies, it appears that Biden may not get away with the blatant hypocrisy — though it won’t stop him from trying. However, it could threaten to harm the prospects of electing Democrats in 2022 and putting another Democrat back in the White House in 2024.

Stay tuned. It won’t be the last bit of hypocrisy out of this administration.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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