ICE Arrests 19 in Massachusetts

 ICE Arrests 19 in Massachusetts

After a four-day sting operation focusing on illegal immigrants with drug offenses, ICE arrested 19 people throughout Massachusetts.

The arrests involved aliens from seven countries: Brazil, France, Bahamas, Cape Verde, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

When asked about the arrests, Deputy Field Office Director Todd Lyons said:

“ERO deportation officers are committed to enforcing immigration laws fairly and professionally, while protecting the neighborhoods of the Commonwealth. This operation clearly shows that ICE’s enforcement efforts continue to target criminal aliens with serious drug offenses who clearly represent a threat to public safety.”

Some of the crimes included possession of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin. One of the immigrants has pending charges of assault with intent to murder as well as assault with a dangerous weapon. All except one of the people arrested will stay in ICE custody pending court hearings. The other, a man from the Dominican Republic, has felony charges which carry a prison term of up to 20 years. He’s been placed in the custody of the US Marshals.

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