ICE Continues to Make the Streets Safe

ICE Continues to Make the Streets Safe

ICE arrested a dangerous illegal alien from Mexico recently, even after the police department that arrested him ignored their detainer and released him from jail.

Feliciano Perez-Bautista has been removed from the US twice in the past after charges for manslaughter and gang assault. In July, he was arrested by the Yonkers Police Department in New York for (surprise, surprise) gang assault and causing serious physical injury resulting in manslaughter because his victim died.

ICE sent a detainer to the Yonkers Police Department asking that they hold Perez-Bautista so they could pick him up. Instead of honoring the detainer, he was released and ICE was not notified. Why did they put this dangerous criminal back onto the streets? Because of Westchester County’s Immigrant Protection Act.

The act prevents the county “From using any of its resources to assist in federal investigations based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or national origin. The act also safeguards confidential information shared with county departments and prohibits officers from honoring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests that lack probable cause.”

So far the police department has not commented on why they felt ICE’s detainer lacked probable cause.

Feliciano Perez-Bautista is now in ICE custody and awaiting deportation.

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