ICE Director Pick Has History of Opposing Trump

ICE Director Pick Has History of Opposing Trump

( – President Joe Biden’s immigration policies thus far have been abysmal. Tens of thousands of immigrants have illegally crossed the border in the last three months. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s nominated someone to run US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who does not support actually enforcing the law.

On Tuesday, April 27, President Joe Biden announced that he was nominating Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez to run the agency.

Former Acting ICE Director Jonathan Fahey spoke to Tucker Carlson about the decision and said the Texas sheriff will fit right in with the Biden administration’s open borders and amnesty policies. He also explained that not only did Gonzalez oppose former President Donald Trump’s policies, he also opposed local law enforcement’s cooperation with ICE.

Are we really surprised that Biden nominated someone who seems to have such an opposition to protecting our border that he’s literally opposed ICE operations in the past? The president certainly appears intent on allowing immigrants to just continue to flow into the country no matter how much of a risk they pose to the American people.

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