If Election Were Held Today, a Republican Would Trounce a Flailing Biden

If Election Were Held Today, a Republican Would Trounce a Flailing Biden

(UnitedVoice.com) – Is President Joe Biden the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans? Over the last year, he has created one self-inflicted wound after another. Much of 2021 was a lost year. The president and congressional Democrats spent their time fighting over a controversial semi-socialist Build Back Better proposal that ultimately failed in an evenly divided Senate while gas prices exploded, inflation skyrocketed, and crime grew out of control in Democratic-led cities. In between, Biden labeled Republicans as insurrectionists and white supremacists.

In the face of chronic and growing inflation called transitory and temporary by Biden throughout much of 2021, voters expressed their discontent in one poll after another. Through the fall and into the winter, Biden’s approval ratings continued to set new record lows. Among Democrats, concerns are growing that their fleeting chances of holding the House and Senate are dwindling, and a new NBC poll says they could face a “shellacking.” Now, a Morning Consult-POLITICO poll released on Wednesday, January 26, painted an even more dire situation for Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden Loses Big to Generic Republican

Midterm elections are often a referendum on the first half of a president’s term. Generally speaking, if voters are content with a president’s job performance, they maintain the status quo in elections. However, if a president struggles to gain traction or things go wrong in the country, voters often boot the president’s party from power in Congress as a sign of their dissatisfaction.

According to the Morning Consult – POLITICO poll, things may be worse than first thought. In a hypothetical matchup between Biden and an unnamed Republican presidential opponent, 46% said they would vote for a Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential election compared to 37% for Biden. That’s a massive 10 point difference and should send shockwaves through the White House and the Democratic Party.

Could Trump Win in 2024?

Throughout 2021, Biden and his Democratic colleagues painted Republicans as insurrectionists and racists. Their message is not only failing, it may be helping drive the voter backlash. Constituents want solutions to problems, not rhetoric people know is false.

Making matters worse, in a head-to-head matchup against former President Donald Trump, Biden loses 45% to 44%. That wasn’t supposed to ever be possible in the minds of Democrats. According to the survey, that could become a real possibility if Trump chooses to run in 2024. Poll results show Trump leads Republicans with 49% support. The next closest is former Vice President Mike Pence, at 13%.

Not only could Democrats lose the House and Senate by potentially large margins in November, but Trump could also win the 2024 presidential election. If even one of the two possibilities comes to fruition, Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves. If both happen, they might as well disband the Democratic Party and start over. If you think the infighting among Democrats is something now… just wait and see what happens if Trump and a united Republican Party control Washington in 2024.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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