Ilhan Omar Claims Israel’s President Visiting Lawmakers Is Inappropriate

Ilhan Omar Claims Israel's President Visiting Lawmakers Is Inappropriate

( – A radical Democratic congresswoman has blasted an upcoming speech to Congress by the Israeli president. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) furiously announced she wouldn’t attend the event. This is the latest in a series of antisemitic volleys she’s launched since entering Congress.

On July 19, Isaac Herzog, the Israeli head of state, will speak to a joint session of Congress. On July 12, reporters asked Omar how she felt about the upcoming event. The congresswoman, who came to the US as a refugee from Somalia, snarled that there’s “no way in hell” she would be there and added that she “didn’t even know he was coming.”

Omar’s vehemence attracted criticism from both sides. Rabbi Yaakov Menken of the Coalition for Jewish Values said the controversial legislator, a member of the notorious “Squad” led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), “will not be missed” and said the best contribution she could make to the US “is to permanently stay home.” Meanwhile, News Nation journalist Zaid Jilani queried why she was so angry at the visit if she hadn’t known about it until she was asked, and pointed out that Herzog — a member of Israel’s left-wing Labor Party — was a figurehead who even most critics of Israel don’t have a problem with.

This is far from the first time Omar’s rabid hostility to Israel has made headlines. In June 2021, she compared the US and Israel to the Taliban and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. When Jewish legislators called her out, she fired back with more thinly-veiled antisemitism.

On February 2, she was expelled from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over allegations that she had worked to damage the US-Israeli relationship. Of the 222 House Republicans, 218 voted for Omar’s removal from the vital committee. Of course, Omar paints this as racism and anti-Muslim prejudice, but her many critics are adamant that her extreme views are the real problem.

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