Ilhan Omar Squeaks by Win in Latest Election

Ilhan Omar Squeaks by Win in Latest Election

‘Squad’ Dem SURVIVES Primary By The Skin Of Her TEETH!

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is one of the most controversial members of Congress. The lawmaker has repeatedly made comments some believe are anti-Semitic. She’s also a member of the notorious far-left “Squad.” Now, she’s apparently heading to the general election in the fall after a tough primary race.

On August 9, Omar won the Democratic Party’s nomination for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. Still, her race wasn’t as smooth as she might have wanted. She was up against Don Samuels, a centrist who ran on a pro-law enforcement platform rejecting the “defund the police” narrative the congresswoman has espoused.

Omar squeaked by with 50.3% of the vote, while 48.2% of Democrats cast their ballots for Samuels. That was a major change from just two years ago when the congresswoman received 58.2% of the primary vote.

While it’s not entirely clear what exactly the congresswoman did to anger her Democratic constituents, it was likely a combination of several factors. Her defund the police cause, in particular, was extremely unpopular across the country and in Minnesota. In 2021, voters rejected an attempt to disband the Minneapolis Police Department, which falls within District 5.

Omar, who has struggled for campaign funding, will now face well-funded Republican Cicely Davis in the November election.

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