Illegal Border Crossings Drop [PLUS: Coast Guard Rescue and PP Closures]

Illegal Border Crossings Drop [PLUS: Coast Guard Rescue and PP Closures]

Big Decline in Illegal Border Crossings

The amount of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border into the US has dropped dramatically since May. Customs and Border Protection commissioner Mark Morgan made the announcement recently via Twitter.

The drastic drop in numbers is directly attributed to the Trump administration’s successful immigration curbing policies. Some migrants from Central America must now wait in Mexico until they can be approved or denied asylum in the US. Border wall extensions are also proving effective.

In fact, Morgan believes that it doesn’t matter who pays for the wall. In the end, a longer and more secure border wall leads to increased safety for all Americans.

Coast Guard Frees All Members from Cargo Ship

Emergency services received a report earlier this month that a disabled cargo ship containing 24 people was struggling to stay upright. Twenty people were saved, but the Coast Guard had a hard time retrieving the final four due to their location within the ship. Response team efforts were ultimately successful with no lives lost.

The South Korean cargo ship, which had overturned off the coast of Georgia, essentially became a death trap for a short period of time. Three-inch holes were drilled into the ship to provide food and water to the four crew members until they could be rescued. Crew members spent more than 30 hours on the boat until they were finally freed.

Thankfully, none of the survivors were severely wounded. They’re all expected to make a full recovery with rest and basic medical care.

Two Planned Parenthood Closures Announced

Two of Ohio’s Planned Parenthood locations are closing down as a result of the Trump administration’s Title X policy revision. It states that any entity recieving grants from the federal government cannot discuss abortion with their patients, even if this is the patient’s number one goal for seeking care.

Because Planned Parenthood provides abortion-related services, this effectively stifles their ability to operate. A spokesperson announced they will stop receiving Title X funding in August.

With the decrease in funding, it’s expected that Planned Parenthoods will close more clinics in the area over the next few months. Trump’s fierce protection of the unborn baby and family values certainly seems to be setting a trend.

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