Illegal Immigrant Faces Charges After Stabbing Death of Teen Girl

Illegal Immigrant Faces Charges After Stabbing Death of Teen Girl
Illegal Immigrant Faces Charges After Stabbing Death of Teen Girl

Picture this: you’re the parent of a sweet and innocent teen girl. She always finishes her homework, does her chores, and uses terms like “yes ma’am” and “no, sir” when addressing her parents. You wouldn’t open your door to a stranger who expresses a desire to move in with her, would you?
Unfortunately, that’s exactly what our country does right now. Undocumented immigrants not only enter the country, but often remain here unchecked. No one tracks them, so we have no idea whether they’re crazy, violent, drug dealers or even murderers.

Key Facts

• On September 08, 2018, an incredibly tragic and entirely preventable incident in Long Branch cemented this concern for hundreds of citizens.
Bryan Cordero-Castro, an undocumented alien from Guatemala, brutally stabbed 16-year-old Madison Wells several times. Wells was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead just an hour later.
• Wells, who had just lost her mother to illness a short time before the murder, had moved to Florida only a short time ago. Relatives say she was attempting to overhaul her life and make something of herself instead of falling in with a bad crowd.
• It isn’t yet clear why Cordero-Castro committed the violent crime, but the suspect remains in custody. He has been charged with murder and will most likely be jailed and/or removed from the USA permanently.
• Disturbingly, the murder comes just days after another illegal alien was charged with murder over a shooting in the same town. Miguel Leal Câmara shot and killed at least one individual; the name of the deceased has not yet been released. Camara was apprehended, jailed and charged. His charges are Unlawful Firearm Possession, Unlawful Possession of a Hand Gun, Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest with physical force.
• Two murders, committed in the same town, both by illegal aliens. If this doesn’t give you pause, it really should. It isn’t that all immigrants are dangerous; in fact, citizens who come here legally and work hard to build their own “American Dream” should be respected and commended for their willingness to prove themselves.
• The problem, as President Trump has stated time and time again, is when we allow “strangers” into our country and don’t keep track of them. You wouldn’t let just anyone into your house – especially with a vulnerable daughter at home. Why should we be forced to allow potentially violent strangers into our country? It’s time to get the deplorables out and re-focus on keeping American citizens – including legal immigrants – safe.