Illegal Immigrants Costing Big Bucks [PLUS Alaska Cancels GOP Primary]

Illegal Immigrants Costing Big Bucks [PLUS Alaska Cancels GOP Primary and Greg Boso Resigns]

Illegal Immigrants Cost America $130 Billion a Year

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released a report showing that approximately 14.3 million illegal immigrants are costing US taxpayers $130 billion this year alone. That number is expected to rise to $200 billion by the year 2025.

In the past, Mexico dominated the flow of illegal immigration and most of the illegal migrants apprehended at our borders were promptly repatriated. Now, as a result of easily exploited policies, and intense partisan bickering in Washington that prevents even the most common-sense reforms to those abused policies, migrants from just about everywhere on Earth are crossing the border and staying put.

– Dan Stein, president of FAIR,

To come up with the totals associated with illegal immigration, the group tallied the costs for several areas including government security, education of illegal immigrants and public assistance they receive in some states, such as free healthcare.

FAIR claims that the illegal immigrant population is almost 15 million, which is about 4 million higher than other estimates. The reason for the discrepancy, according to the Federation, is because other organizations want to minimize the problem instead of reporting the truth.

Alaska GOP Cancels Republican Primary

The Alaska Republican Party announced over the weekend that they’re canceling the presidential primary for next year. They feel that it would “serve no useful purpose” since we already have a first-term president in the White House.

While many on the Left are upset that some states have made the decision to forgo the primary step, it’s a common tactic for the party with a White House incumbent who’s seeking a second term.

Alaska joins the ranks of Kansas, Nevada and South Carolina, all of which announced earlier this month that they’re canceling their GOP primaries as well.

So far, President Trump has three members of his own party who are running against him, former Governor Mark Sanford, former congressman Joe Walsh and former Governor Bill Weld.

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