Immigration Crisis Takes a Turn for the Worse

Immigration Crisis Takes a Turn for the Worse

( – The crisis on the southern border is intensifying. Along with it are concerns by many Americans that President Biden isn’t considering them or their families as Democrats use the pandemic to further their far-left agenda. On Tuesday, March 30, reporters were allowed into an unaccompanied migrant facility in Donna, TX. What they recorded can only be described as a horrific superspreader situation that didn’t need to happen.

In a dire situation, the facility is over 1,500% over its capacity. Designed to hold only 250 migrants, the facility held over 4,100 on Tuesday, of which 3,400 were unaccompanied minors.

Does that sound like it’s just a challenge?

The Problem Is Much Worse Than It Seems

A few weeks ago, the administration got caught releasing some illegal immigrants who tested positive for COVID-19 into the country. Now, America is learning about another major contradiction. On Tuesday, reporters asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki why kids on the southern border were receiving in-person instruction while many of America’s kids were still not allowed to return to school.

Psaki’s answer was insulting. She stated teachers are “volunteering” to teach migrant children.

So, teachers can go to the border during their spring break to teach kids with a known infection rate of COVID-19. Yet, teachers can’t return to the classroom to instruct America’s future generation of leaders, inventors, medical care providers, scientists, and tradesmen? All the while, our kids are falling far and farther behind, and taxes are free-flowing into schools that aren’t teaching; this makes no sense.

Biden’s Approval Slides Significantly

The immigration crisis is threatening to derail the administration as it’s beginning. Last week, Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border “challenge,” as they call it. Yet, the vice president isn’t going to the border, and she’s not taking any actions to solve the problem that can be seen. It seems the public is noticing what’s going on and isn’t too happy about it.

According to a new NPR/Marist Poll, Biden is not doing well on the immigration issue, with only a measly 34% approving of Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis. That’s despite the poll being slightly bent towards Democrats, who polled at 34%, Republicans 30%, and independents 34%.

One wouldn’t expect that Republicans would approve of the president’s immigration performance, and only 5% do. Among independents, 27% approve. However, among Democrats, 23% don’t like the way Biden’s handling the situation. That’s saying something.

If illegal immigration becomes a dominant theme of the Biden administration, this poll could serve as both a warning and a reminder to Democrats. Biden can’t blame Trump, and he can’t blame Republicans under a united Democratic Congress. This crisis is their problem.

So far, the crisis continues to worsen as the administration denies what everyone can plainly see.

Let’s hope Biden reverses course for the good of the country.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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