Impeachment Means Big Bucks — for Trump [PLUS: Age Discrimination and Senate Blocks Border Funding]

Impeachment Means Big Bucks — for Trump [PLUS: Age Discrimination and Senate Blocks Border Funding]

Impeachment Inquiry Means Big Bucks for Trump Campaign

Once again, the Dem’s ridiculous attempts to impeach Donald Trump are being recognized by his proponents as a witch hunt, and they’re stepping up to show the president their support in a big way.

Shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the Democrats were going ahead with an impeachment inquiry, the Trump campaign sent out fundraising emails and launched new online ads. The ads asked people to join the Official Impeachment Defense Task Force.

Just three hours after Pelosi made her announcement the Trump campaign and the RNC raised $1 million, and 24 hours later, that number was up to $5 million.

On his Twitter account, Trump shared a video showing just how obsessed Liberals have been about impeaching him, even before he officially took office.

Employers Use Facebook to Exclude Older Job Applicants

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made a judgment this week against seven large companies that have been posting job ads on Facebook that discriminate against elderly workers and women.

The companies involved include Edward Jones, Sandhills Publishing, Capital One, Nebraska Furniture Mart, DriveTime Auto, Enterprise Holdings and Renewal by Andersen. Additionally, 59 complaints against other companies that are still pending.

The EEOC found that the job ads in question were specifically targeting young men under the age of 55. Many of the companies argued that it wasn’t illegal for them to target certain groups on Facebook as long as they had other recruitment strategies in place for protected groups like the elderly.

The EEOC, however, disagreed stating any type of ads that aren’t targeted by qualifications are a violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Civil Rights Act.

So far, Edward Jones is the only company involved to release a statement:

We strongly disagree with the claim that our firm engaged in discriminatory practices in the advertising of job opportunities, recruiting, or hiring. We believe deeply in inclusion and diversity and champion initiatives that bring equal opportunity to the workplace. Edward Jones’ job opportunities are publicly posted and available for all interested applicants to see through multiple channels.

In March of this year, Facebook changed its policies so that businesses can no longer buy targeted ads that discriminate against any protected group.

Senate Votes to Block Border Emergency Fund

On Wednesday, September 25th, the Senate voted 54-41 to block Donald Trump from declaring a national emergency in order to pay for the US-Mexico border wall.

This is the second time this vote was cast, and once again it was a complete waste of time. Since they didn’t get enough votes to override a presidential veto, the only accomplishment was delaying work.

The vote was spurred on due to the Pentagon’s recent approval to take $3.6 billion from military construction projects and allocate it to the wall.

Many of my Republican colleagues have military installations, schools, projects in their states that would suffer because of the president’s emergency declaration.

-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

Many members of the military support using the money to build the wall since it’s so important to our nation’s security.

If the resolution makes it to Trump’s desk he’s expected to veto it like he did the first time.

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