Impeachment, Puerto Rico and Giuliani

Impeachment, Puerto Rico and Giuliani

Dems Still Wasting Time on Impeachment Dreams

The House overwhelmingly shot down Rep. Al Green’s most recent attempt to impeach President Trump. But not everyone is giving up the fight.

House Democratic Reps. Al Green and Steve Cohen plan on re-initiating impeachment against the President this fall. For Rep. Al Green, it will be his fourth try since Trump became President.

Democrats just can’t admit when they’ve lost the fight.

Puerto Rico’s Governor Refuses to Resign

Puerto Rico’s Democratic Governor, Ricardo Rossello, recently announced a plan to abstain from seeking re-election in 2020. The well-known politician and scientist will remain in his role until then.

Rosello’s announcement came just after local investigative journalists leaked private online chats where the governor made light of people killed during Hurricane Maria. The release led to nearly a week of intense protests calling for his resignation. However, the Legislative Assembly has yet to confirm if they will follow the word of the people and seek impeachment.

Because she can’t keep her nose out of anything, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also voiced her opinion that Rossello should be impeached.

Giuliani and Mueller

Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani doesn’t want Robert Mueller to testify before Congress this week. Speaking with John Catsimatidis from The Cats Roundtable radio show, Giuliani insisted that the Former Special Counsel had nothing left to add. He also pointed out Mueller’s total lack of interest in further discussion.

“But somebody must’ve persuaded him that he should comment some more. He’s already commented more than any prosecutor has ever commented about a case he didn’t bring. Let’s see what he says.”
– Rudy Giuliani

It will be interesting to see how Mueller’s testimony goes. What are your opinions on Mueller testifying? Let us know in the comments!

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