Atheists Fight Prayer Event, Impeachment Pusher, and VA Vote

Mike Huckabee Encourages Impeachment, Va Deputy Secretary Vote and Atheists Upset with High School Prayer Event

Atheists Complaining About High School Prayer Event

Fyffe High School in Alabama is holding a small event this weekend that’s attracting a significant amount of attention: a back-to-school worship service. The academic facility invited people to “Join us in praying for God’s protective hand to be over our schools, facilities, and students.”

This isn’t the first time Fyffe held such an event. In fact, it’s been a staple in the community for the past few years. Up until now, there were no complaints – so, what gives?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation found out about the event and decided to cause trouble – and they didn’t stop there, either. The organization took to social media and even sent a letter to the superintendent of the school, asking them to investigate.

“School sponsorship of a religious message is impermissible ‘because it sends the ancillary message to… non-adherents that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community,” part of the letter reads.

The school has received an outpouring of support on their Facebook page. As of right now, the event is still scheduled to take place; they have no plans to allow FFRF to curtail their right to freedom of religion.

Mike Huckabee Tells Dems to Go for Impeachment

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee thinks Dems need to “quit talking about impeachment and just go for it.”

But the Fox News contributor and Christian Minister isn’t saying this because he agrees Trump should be impeached – in fact, it’s just the opposite.

“If by some miracle, you did, where do you think this is going to go in the Senate? Down the tube and so will the Democratic hopes for not only winning the White House but for retaining the House and getting the Senate,” he explained.

Democrats consistently use impeachment to rile up the masses, but it’s a distraction from their own inability to help the American people. Unfortunately for them, they can only play this game for so long: 2020 is coming.

VA Deputy Secretary Confirmation Vote

The Senate will vote to confirm James Byrne as the Veterans Affairs deputy secretary at the start of the September session. Byrne already has support from the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee; now, the White House will toss in their approval, too.

For the past year, Byrne has served as the acting deputy secretary while waiting for his confirmation vote. The Naval Academy graduate also worked as an investigator with the Office of the Special Inspector General.

Dems in the Senate might succeed at delaying Trump’s nominations for a little while, but as we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, they can’t deny them forever!

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