In Case You Missed It: There Was a Debate Last Night!

In Case You Missed It: There Was a Debate Last Night

The fourth DNC primary debate came and went as uneventfully as many political experts expected. It’s only meaningful twist was the 12 candidates on stage instead of the usual 10. Aside from that oddity, each candidate’s performance mostly fell in line with expectations (with a few exceptions).

Ultimately, the quality of these debates is largely determined by the team of moderators. Given that CNN and NYT hosted this debate, the moderators fell right into the fake news category. Still, it’s worth going over the highlights and making some comparisons to each participant’s previous performances.

Apparently, Bernie “Won”

In spite of Senator Bernie Sanders’ (D-VT) recent heart condition, he performed well in the eyes of progressives. Many established Dems don’t want to see Bernie succeed, which means 2020 could be a repeat of 2016 if Bernie continues to gather mainstream support. However, his recent endorsement of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other members of “the squad” shows just how out of touch he and his policies are.

Warren Competes With Biden for First

Elizabeth Warren’s slow but steady growth over 2019 has gotten her in a head-to-head position with Joe Biden. Their polling rates were essentially equal leading up to the debate before Warren lost a few points to Biden. Though many Dems still support Warren, Biden obtained a clear advantage after this latest DNC debate.

Biden Is Still Slipping

In spite of Biden’s notable gain after the fourth DNC debate, his presence on stage is diminishing. Biden’s peers no longer see him as a candidate worth engaging with over nit-picky details on policies they disagree on. Biden ended up frequently fading into the background, which doesn’t help his cause in the long run.

Yang Continues to Shift the Discussion

Andrew Yang had a quiet and rough start with the onset of the DNC primaries. He was quiet and reserved in his first few debates, mainly due to the moderators cutting off his mic throughout the nights to “let the big kids play.” Now, Yang and his supporters are as enthusiastic as ever every time he reaches for opportunities to talk about his $1,000 UBI plan.

Still, Yang’s talking points have influenced the discussions Democrats have among themselves, especially when it comes to workplace automation.

The Rest

The remaining candidates are struggling to carve out their niche and won’t last much longer. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg spiced up their performances to little avail. Tulsi Gabbard continues to copycat other DNC candidates’ strategies, whether it be jumping in on manufactured inter-candidate drama or complaining about fake news moderators rigging the debates.

Although there’s little hope for most DNC candidates to stand out through the remainder of 2019, the debates can still be amusing to watch (assuming anyone remembers to tune in).

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