Indiana Becomes 24th State to Adopt Permitless Carry Law

Indiana Becomes 24th State to Adopt Permitless Carry Law

( – Second Amendment rights activists have been pushing constitutional carry (also known as permitless carry) laws across the country. Advocates believe the laws eliminate undue burdens on law-abiding, working Americans while also reducing government spending and red tape. Indiana has now become the 24th state to adopt such a law.

On Monday, March 21, Governor Eric Holcomb (R) signed HEA 1296 into law. Beginning on July 1, anyone legally allowed to carry a handgun will be able to do so without receiving a permit. That means those age 18 and older won’t have to pay for a background check and permit to carry; they will only have to undergo a background check if one is required to purchase the handgun.

Governor Holcomb issued a statement reminding residents that if they’re prohibited from carrying a firearm under state or federal law before the law goes into effect, they’ll still be prohibited from carrying a gun. Also, permits will still be available without a fee to those who need one, for instance, to carry through another state.

Indiana’s constitutional carry law comes a week after its neighbor, Ohio, signed a similar law. United Voice reported on it at the time, noting several of its provisions annoyed Second Amendment foes.

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