Inside Melania's Family

First Lady Melania Trump is a bit of an enigma. She’s classy, quiet and reserved, yet also manages to hold an infectious personality that draws people in.
Whether she’s visiting a tiny orphanage during a trip to Africa or standing by her husband’s side by the podium during a presidential event, it’s always clear Melania takes her duty very seriously.
But what about the real First Lady — the Melania Knauss that exists beyond the public eye? Turns out she’s an “incredible” person there, too.

Key Points

  • The info we have today comes straight from Melania’s sister, Ines Knauss. The two ladies have remained remarkably close while leading very separate lives; Ines is an artist, while Melania is, of course, the First Lady.
  • Very much like her sister, Ines is quiet, reserved, and very private; she mostly stays out of the public’s watchful eye. But recently, she shared a number of images of her and Melania’s childhood to her Instagram account.
  • The images tell a story weaving from infant food through to Melania’s time as a First Lady. First, both of the Knauss girls laughing and playing with their parents on a bed. Then, a younger Melania celebrating the birthday of her older sister.
  • It’s clear the sisters were very close — so close, in fact, that Ines even served as Maid of Honor at Melania’s wedding to Donald Trump. After her marriage, the two visited each other often.
  • In a recent magazine article, Ines told the press her sister “never wore anything from the store.” Instead, the Knauss girls would spend hours dreaming up fashion designs, bonding and sketching side-by-side.
  • As for all of those rumors about Melania’s wild party lifestyle? A friend of the family told GQ that just isn’t true. “Even after she met Jerko (photographer) and began dabbling in modelling, she preferred to go home after work, to be with her equally quiet and reserved sister.”
  • Ines officially became an American citizen last year, making it much easier for her to spend more time with her sister. And with all of the memories she’s sharing, it’s clear to see their bond is only becoming deeper over time.