Instant REGRET – Dems Panic After Painful Debate

Democrats Panic, Immediately Regret Fetterman's Debate With Dr. Oz

Democrats Panic, Immediately Regret Fetterman’s Debate With Dr. Oz

( – Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (D) and Republican Mehmet Oz finally faced off for a debate. The Democratic candidate had refused to do one for weeks because of his trouble processing speech since his May stroke. He finally decided he was comfortable enough to go toe-to-toe with the former surgeon.

Reviews of the Democratic candidate’s performance weren’t great. Some on the Left are reportedly feeling anxious.

The Elephant in the Room

At the beginning of the debate on October 25, Fetterman addressed the big medical “elephant in the room.” The lieutenant governor acknowledged he had a medical problem. “I had a stroke. [Oz’s] never let me forget that,” he said. The Democrat added that there would be times in the debate when he might struggle, saying he “might miss some words […] mush two words together” but promised he wouldn’t quit.

The Democratic candidate did, in fact, struggle throughout the debate. Because of his problems with speech, he used closed-captioning on television screens. He spoke haltingly throughout the event and seemed to have difficulty expressing his policies at some points.

Democrats React

The day after the debate, Axios published an article titled “Fetterman’s painful debate.” An unidentified Democratic lawmaker asked, “Why the hell did Fetterman agree to this?” They speculated there would likely be more questions about his health after his performance. Another unnamed Dem said the debate would make people more worried about the candidate. “Everyone is nervous […] Fetterman is a deep concern,” they said.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell told the Associated Press that, looking back on it, the Senate candidate “probably shouldn’t have debated.”

Medical Records

One of the issues dogging Fetterman is his refusal to release all of his medical records. Republicans have repeatedly asked him to make them public, but the Democrat has remained steadfast in his refusals. During the debate, he said that his doctor has cleared him and believes he is “fit to serve,” so that’s all that matters.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Fetterman claimed that “showing up” was the only thing that mattered when it came to his health. Oz has released his records, leaving some to wonder why the Democratic candidate won’t do the same if he’s truly okay to serve. Ultimately, Fetterman isn’t obligated to share his private medical information with anyone.

Do you think Fetterman’s performance was okay? Or do you think it raised concerns about his ability to serve?

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