Intelligence Believes Putin May Be Terminally Ill — Here’s Why It Matters

Intelligence Believes Putin May Be Terminally Ill -- Here's Why It Matters

( – In the summer of 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin began assembling a show of military force along the Russian and Ukrainian border. On February 27, he invaded the country. Since then, he’s made erratic and even contradictory statements about the rationale for the invasion.

There are numerous theories why Putin invaded Ukraine. Some believe it’s a long-held belief of Putin’s that Russia should restore the former Soviet Union’s boundaries, perhaps because he was a former KGB agent. There’s ample evidence of that theory based on 20 years of statements by the Russian leader. Still, others believe there is something else at play. Could Putin be terminally ill?

Is Putin’s Reason for Invasion Because He’s Terminally Sick?

A former, unnamed US intelligence officer who now works for the Pentagon believes the timing of the invasion is no accident. He believes Putin is terminally sick and moving quickly to leave a legacy. Throughout history, people have been studied and remembered for committing atrocious acts and winning military battles. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and William the Conqueror come to mind, but what about the Russian leader who restored the once-mighty Soviet Union?

Would he be included on that list as well?

The unnamed source said the 69-year-old Putin suffers from terminal bowel cancer. Chemotherapy and steroids help to explain his puffy face and constant angry look. After all, extreme pain can change a person. The former intelligence official said the potential diagnosis might have led the Russian leader to be more assertive and aggressive towards Ukraine. He said leaving a legacy is a driving component in Putin’s actions.

The Pentagon analyst added other analysts who study Putin also believe the Russian president is struggling with a terminal illness.

Retired British Royal Navy Admiral Chris Parry appears to agree with this assessment. He suggested Putin is in a hurry, and a terminal illness could explain his invasion of Ukraine.

What About Putin’s Threatening and Contradictory Statements?

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin appeared to become irrational. He justified the attack by saying Ukraine wasn’t a real country, it belonged to Russia, and it should be de-Nazified even though Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish. Still, Putin called for the overthrow of the government and mercilessly killed untold numbers of civilians, creating the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.

Yet, a Russian foreign ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday, March 9, Russia didn’t intend to overthrow the government or its leadership or occupy Ukraine. Hours later, after a Russian and Ukrainian high-level meeting, Russia insisted there was only one way to end the war: full demilitarization and full surrender.

What are we to make of the contradictions?

While there is no concrete evidence Putin is terminally ill, does the theory make sense? Does it matter much to those suffering in Ukraine?

You decide.

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