Iran Continues Threats as Gun Legislation Remains Under Attack

Iran Continues Threats as Gun Legislation Remains Under Attack

Trump’s New Slogan Hits Press in the Face


How can you make something great that’s already great? It’s undeniable that Trump has improved the lives for all Americans and that he’ll continue to do so beyond 2020. Orlando arena attendees erupted in cheers as Trump unveiled his new campaign slogan. His support is unwavering in spite of the Left denouncing our president’s amazing accomplishments during his presidential term.

“We’re not going to lose.”

Iran Threatens US Aircraft Carrier With Missiles

Iran has succeeded with its missile testing programs where North Korea has failed. That makes Iran all the more dangerous in light of recent events in the Strait of Hormuz. The Middle Eastern powerhouse seems to be preparing for a strike as it dishes out threats to the U.S. Potentially sinking an aircraft carrier doesn’t hold a candle to what could happen in response.

“If we got this technology, we could target the enemies. We tested it at sea to hit the target precisely, and that day we were able to change the balance of power.”
Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami

Iran is playing with fire.

Colorado Is Pushing Gun Control to the Senate

Democrats attempting to curtail gun rights isn’t a new phenomenon. Still, it’s essential to understand their methods so you can point out hypocrisy and injustice when you see it. Colorado’s latest charade is a prime example.

Colorado wants to be a model for Congress when it comes to firearm legislation. They’re working with known anti-gun advocates across state borders, including Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA). The Lefties in these circles are pushing hard for a universal background check policy at a federal level. That notion alone flies in the face of what the Constitution stands for.

Don’t allow the Left to forget why the Second Amendment exists.