Iran Reportedly Deploys Warships to America’s Backyard

Iran Reportedly Deploys Warships To America's Backyard

( – Former President Donald Trump took a hardline stance against Iran. He believed the country was one of the biggest threats to the US and its allies. Then, President Joe Biden took office and reversed that position. His administration has spent the better part of two years trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with the biggest state sponsor of terrorism. Now, reports indicate Iran is expanding its presence in the world to Brazil and the Panama Canal.

In early January, USNI reported that Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani claimed his forces were approaching the American continent. The military reportedly wanted to begin operating in the Panama Canal. He claimed his Navy was present in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and also set up operations in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Australian officials have confirmed two Iranian ships were operating in the Pacific. ABC Australia reported a spokesperson for the country’s defense ministry confirmed its military was monitoring vessels originating from the Middle Eastern nation. “Defence has been aware of two Iranian warships operating in the Indo-Pacific for some time,” the spokesperson said.

On January 31, a US State Department spokesperson spoke to Fox News Digital and said they were “aware” of claims the Iranian navy was making. The official said the Armed Forces continue to “monitor Iran’s attempts to have a military presence in the Western Hemisphere.”

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke to Fox News about the latest revelations and criticized the White House. He accused the president of engaging with and appeasing authoritarian regimes. The Republican went on to say the expansion of Iran’s military into the west should be “a warning sign.”

The senator is concerned the Iranian government could try to work with the authoritarian leaders in the Americas and cause an element of instability that could affect peace in the region.

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