Irma Claims at Least 8 More Lives

Irma Claims at Least 8 More Lives
Irma Claims at Least 8 More Lives

Hurricane Irma may have burnt herself out into little more than a tropical storm, but the devastation she caused isn’t over yet. So far, at least eight more people have died as a result of the destruction caused by the hurricane.
On Wednesday, three elderly residents of a Florida nursing home were pronounced dead on sight, and 115 were evacuated following the deaths. Five more died en route to the hospital or at the hospital. The deaths are thought to be the result of getting overheated.
The nursing home was unable to maintain air conditioning once they lost power because of the hurricane. However, there was a generator in place, so as of yet, it is unclear whether the generator wasn’t working or if some other factor lead to these sad deaths. A criminal investigation is being conducted to decide whether there are any other factors that may have contributed to the deaths. Several other residents were hospitalized after being removed from the home.
Those aren’t the only post-Irma related deaths though.
In Daytona Beach, one is dead because of carbon monoxide poisoning and three more are being treated for the same issue.
There are 42 assisted living facilities that are currently being checked to make sure that other inpatient resident don’t receive the same fate.
It’s easy to think once the storm has passed the problems are nothing more than a clean up crew and some rebuilding, but that’s simply not the case. The strong winds and storms can easily damage things like plumbing, wiring, and any number of other things that can cause serious health issues.
For the residents of Florida, the storm isn’t really over until all the readings are at safe levels and all systems are functioning correctly. The elderly and children are particularly susceptible to things like heat stroke, so it’s important to keep a watchful eye on them.
Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Irma. We wish you all well and hope for a swift and safe return to your homes.