(IRONIC) Planned Parenthood Sues Church

(IRONIC) Planned Parenthood Sues Church

(UnitedVoice.com) – In a move that’s sure to alienate the organization even further from the average American, Planned Parenthood has initiated legal proceedings against a pop-up church in Spokane, WA. The Church at Planned Parenthood (TCAPP), which holds open-air services in front of PP’s offices, is now facing a noise pollution lawsuit. 

Representatives of the abortion facility claim that the church services pose an unreasonable threat to the welfare of their patients. The “noise” in question comes from sermons read out over a PA system, as well as the congregation singing hymns.

Planned Parenthood justifies legal action based on Washington’s laws against interference with the provision of healthcare services. TCAPP insists that the lawsuit aims to unfairly curtail their First Amendment rights.

The church is keen to point out that these services only take place once a month after the abortion facility has ceased operating for the day. They have indicated their willingness to hold their services even later in the day to reduce patient stress.

Planned Parenthood’s refusal to engage in negotiation shows that this lawsuit has nothing to do with patient welfare. It’s simply another attempt to smother public opposition to their unethical agenda.

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