Is America Losing the Middle Ground?

Is America Losing the Middle Ground?

( – Just a few years ago, if you asked the average American if they were on the political left or right, they would’ve said neither. Most considered themselves to be in the middle.

However, you may be surprised to learn according to a new poll by Penn State, more and more Americans are abandoning the center for one side or another. More revealing is that unconnected issues, or issues that aren’t even political, are becoming more polarizing.

People who were once in the middle are changing their positions to identify more reverently with one side or the other. For example, the study found a moderate may agree with abortion but also be for gun rights. Now, it’s all or nothing. What the report doesn’t reveal is the cause and relationship to the change. 

It’s entirely possible that since Trump’s election in 2016, they’re paying closer attention to issues and how an informed political philosophy informs them. Whereas in the past, the issues weren’t tied to a developed position at all.

In addition, researchers said the public is also identifying groups of people around highly-subjective criteria and coming to judgments about them. For example, if someone sees ten Trump bumper stickers at a football game, that person may conclude that people who like football follow Trump. 

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