Is Congress Abusing It’s Impeachment Powers?

Is Congress Abusing It's Impeachment Powers?

Trump has had a unique presidency.

Ever since President Trump was elected in 2016, the drumbeat by activist and far-Left Democrats to impeach him has been kept alive. Their first attempt was the Russian Hoax, which lasted for three years. Now, it’s the Ukrainian call.

Every step of the way, Trump has had to climb uphill in his fight to clear his name of wrongdoing. He’s also fought an uphill battle to fix our broken bureaucracy, aka the “swamp,” while also fending off Democrats bent on getting rid of him. All of this simply because the Left is holding a grudge over losing in 2016.

Dems Guilty of Same Tactics They Accuse Trump Of

The Left alleges that Trump improperly used his constitutional powers for political purposes. Is that really any different from what Democrats have been doing? Their zeal to oust a duly elected president of the United States in the middle of an election season is going too far.

There is no question that impeachment is a political process. However, it isn’t one that can be easily done without strong public support. Unfortunately for them, Dems have not made a strong enough case to persuade Republicans in Congress or even a majority of non-Democrat Americans.

They simply don’t have an obviously impeachable offense.

Then, there is the Senate. Democrats do not have the votes in the Senate to convict and remove the President. But, they shouldn’t let something like math stop them.

From the beginning of the impeachment hearings, Democrats have been looking for anything they can grab onto to make their case. During the opening statements of the hearings in September, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) couldn’t even use Trump’s own words. So, he came up with a patently false parody of the call between Trump and the Ukrainian president.

Schiff falsely claimed that Trump told Ukrainian President Zelensky to “make up dirt” about former Vice President and DNC presidential candidate Joe Biden (D-DE). However, Trump never asked Zelensky to make up corruption on Biden. Zelensky has stated this on several occasions.

Yet, that’s exactly what the Democrats are doing. They are making up stories in order to embellish a telephone call, claim there is bribery, and use that to justify impeachment.

The whole thing has been exaggerated and blown way out of proportion to meet the Democrat’s manufactured narrative.

Democrats Are Playing a Risky Game

How many times have Democrats had to change the narrative to fit the crime? That by itself suggests they have a problem. First, it was campaign finance violations, then extortion, then quid pro quo, and now it’s bribery.

Can Dems at least agree on what they want to implicate Trump on before starting an impeachment inquiry? Apparently not.

If the case against Trump was truly as serious as Democrats claim, and if abuse of power was real, it wouldn’t be so hard to persuade Republicans, Independents, or even the courts.

This impeachment farce isn’t about the country or even the Office of the President. It’s about spilled beans and Democrats getting revenge for the 2016 loss. The politics of this fiasco are obvious.

The reality is that Democrats are hurting themselves and unnecessarily dividing the country by abusing their impeachment powers.

In an average of a dozen battleground state polls in October and November, voters in swing states were not in favor of the impeachment inquiry. Support was at 44% and opposition was at 51%.

The Democrats are overplaying their hand by making impeachment a 2020 election issue and, worse yet, they are making a mockery of themselves and our democracy. Instead of taking care of the people’s business, they are abusing their impeachment powers. The president will not be removed, but they sure are helping him secure four more years in the White House.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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