Is It Time to Fight the Biden Administration?

Is It Time to Fight the Biden Administration?

( – Since the November 3 election, America has been at odds with one another over who won. With every day that passes, it becomes clearer that Joe Biden will likely defeat President Trump. While the president rightly fights to ensure that every legal vote is counted, it’s hard to know what direction the courts take.

Sometimes, it’s best to devote energy to the things one can control. If the election is certified in enough states over the next few weeks, the 2020 election will be in the rearview mirror. Fighting it out amongst each other is counter-productive and self-destructive. However, America is facing a growing concern about the far-left influence in a Biden administration. It’s best to get ahead of it as quickly as possible and prepare for the political battles that could be looming.

Yes, People Cheat

American democracy cannot survive if one of the two sides cannot accept defeat. America is headed onto a dangerous path. In 2018, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacy Abrams refused to concede to her Republican opponent despite the fact she lost the election. It was bad for Georgia and only served to provoke disdain amongst its citizens.

The situation in Trump’s case is very different. The lawsuits, recounts, and audits are necessary to ensure the integrity of this election. It’s better to have a legal process that examines challenges to an election than it is to allow wild conspiracy theories to go uncontested.

In recent years, Democrats across the country have been caught cheating. In New Jersey, Minnesota, and other places, they were caught. However, they didn’t change the outcome of an election. If 100 people cheated out of 100,000, it wouldn’t impact an election. Even so, those cases of impropriety should be rooted out and dealt with as crimes.

Will Biden Be the Most Progressive President Ever?

Biden attempted to run as a moderate, and most far-left politicians were not happy with his nomination. Yet, Biden reached out to them over the summer and included much of the extreme progressive agenda in his 2020 Democratic platform. Towards the end of the summer, Biden acknowledged that if elected, he would be the most progressive president in the history of the United States.

Keep in mind, only half the country voted for him.

In recent weeks, admitted socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and the far-left group of congressional Democrats known as “the Squad” said they would move Biden hard left.

Focus Moves to the Senate

With two Georgia Senate seats headed to runoff elections on January 5, it’s imperative that Republicans win at least one of the two. If so, Republicans would maintain control of the Senate and would serve as a check and balance against the Democratic-led House and White House.

The best way to fight the Biden administration now is to block them in the Senate.


Although Republicans picked up significant seats in the House because of the Democrat’s move to the far left, the first 100 days of every presidency is designed to set the tone for an incoming president.

Will Biden and the far left get what they want?

Not if Republicans in the Senate have anything to say about it.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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