Is Joe Biden a Homewrecker?

Is Joe Biden a Homewrecker?

( – Once again, Joe Biden’s questionable moral values come to light and once again, looking for the news on the Leftist-shill “media” websites is an effort in futility.

It turns out that the heartwarming story of how the presumptive Democratic Party’s presidential nominee met his wife Jill that was spread when he became heir-apparent to the Obama legacy was a lie. Sadly, it’s just one of many he’s told over the years.

A story published on the Oprah Magazine website tells the tale of the gut-punch tragedy that the former VP experienced in 1972 when his first wife and one-year-old daughter were taken from him in a car wreck, leaving him as the sole parent to their two sons. The article goes on to say that the couple in today’s limelight found one another when she was a college student, purportedly three years after that horrible day.

However, between the time she was born as Jill Jacobs and became Mrs. Biden, she also used the surname Stevenson, the last name of her first husband, Bill. The reason their marriage ended in divorce, as he relates it, is because she had an illicit affair with a man they both met in 1972 while working on his campaign to become a first-time Senator, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

The Liberal media — and the DNC’s powerbrokers — deafening silence on this matter should cause concern. Particularly so, when you consider their absolute glee over Mary Trump’s forthcoming book about President Donald Trump. But, perhaps it’s not unexpected when one looks at their propensity for hammering the commander in chief on every issue (even totally debunked ones, if Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democrat’s convention is any indication) while giving his opponent a pass on serious allegations like sexual assault.

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