Is Melania a Better First Lady Than Hillary? [PLUS: Sen. Isakson Resigns and New Citizenship Policy]

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Why Melania Trump Is a Better First Lady Than Hillary Clinton

Comparing Melania Trump to Hillary Clinton is like comparing designer Louis Vuitton handbags to knockoffs being sold at your local gas station. They might have the same name, but knockoffs are always going to fall apart and seem lackluster by comparison.

Melania consistently shows the class, sophistication and intelligence that everyone wants from a First Lady. In fact, we think political commentator Jadan Horyn said it best when she pointed out that Mrs. Trump “redefines the role of First Lady.”

In the past, the First Lady’s main purpose was always to support her husband. After all, being President is a tough job.

Today, the First Lady’s role is much more diverse – but Melania remains a staunch traditionalist in her expression of it. Regardless of what slanderous lies the Left hurls at her, and her husband, to boot, she’s right there by his side.

Melania never acknowledges the fake news; instead, she focuses on the cause most close to her heart: children. She avoids scandal not because she isn’t getting caught, but because she just plain doesn’t do anything improper or immoral in the first place.

It’s hard to be hated when you keep a clean nose – and that’s exactly why Melania is a woman that all wives should look up to.

Hillary, on the other hand…well, she’s been embroiled in scandal, lies, and crime since the very moment her husband took office. After losing the presidential race, she showed no grace; instead, she turned into a petulant child, accusing Trump of stealing the election from her by cheating.

In a YouGov poll taken last month, Melania was voted the third-best First Lady. Hillary, on the other hand, dropped four spots to trail behind at only number eight.

Once Mrs.Trump has another four years in office, there is no doubt she will rise to the number one spot. But we want to know what you think…

Who is your favorite First Lady? Let us know in the comments below.

Citizenship Rules Change for Military Members Living Overseas

A policy alert was released on Wednesday announcing changes to citizenship rules for military members who are living overseas.

The fake news outlets and crazy Liberals are trying to make this seem like the administration is attempting to deny citizenship to the children of US citizens. This is not true.

Instead, the change only affects children that are born from naturalized US citizens serving in the military and stationed outside the US. The children will not automatically be given US citizenship unless their parents have lived within America for the required period of time.

This new rule is expected to impact less than 110 people a year. Of course, that isn’t what the Left would have you think…but they’re less interested in fact these days.

Sen Johnny Isakson Resigning

Another Republican Senator has officially announced their intention to resign.

Johnny Isakson served as a Senator for nearly 15 years, first stepping into office in late 2005. Prior to that, the life-long Republican represented Georgia’s 6th Congressional district for 6 years.

Isakson made a devastating announcement that he has Parkinson’s disease recently. Apparently, the disease has caused him to spend multiple days in the hospital as a result of kidney complications and several falls.

The Senator will return to Washington in September, but will only stay long enough to welcome his replacement. The governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, hasn’t yet announced who he will select.

We wish Senator Isakson all the best, and hope you’ll join us in praying for his good health, comfort, and longevity going forward.

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