Is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) "Designed" to Kill Us?

Although they don’t really put monosodium glutamate (MSG) in “everything,” they do use it too often and even in foods that, quite frankly, don’t need it. In fact, you can say that this stuff is used as often (if not more often) than sugar and salt.
“What is it that makes MSG so indispensable in most foods (especially processed foods)?” you might innocently ask.
Unfortunately, we can only speculate.
We do know, however, that MSG is a dangerous neurotoxin and excitotoxin; it is harmful in many different ways, especially in terms of brain capacity. Is the idea to make people more bovine and less intellectually able to make better nutritional decisions?
For one thing, MSG makes us crave more of the foods it is put in; more egregiously, it is
addictive. As if that were not enough to make us condemn it, it also makes us gain weight at a ridiculously fast rate. This has been established in many lab animal experiments.
Why would the food industry and the government (for it has approved its use in spite of the many caveats associated with this chemical) want this stuff in our food, if it is so bad?
This is where the speculating gets more bizarre and scary.
An addicted-to-junk-food, over-weight and brain-damaged rat—excuse me, “consumer”—is more likely to get sick often and seriously, thereby needing the medical services and pharmaceutical products that create huge profits for the billionaires that own and run society. In other words, MSG is intended to keep a “sick” cycle of disease and dependence going on indefinitely.
It can also have something to do with depopulation agendas.
Simply put, we have too many people on this planet. The powers that be (Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Brother, etc.) know this and it worries them no end. Making people sick is big business and creates lots of profits but they also know that, globally, we are running out of resources.
In the past, wars, famines and plagues have kept populations to a manageable level. Now, however, too many people have been allowed to thrive on this planet.
How, then, can we best tackle this problem?
One way is to aggressively and continuously introduce toxic things in the foods most people eat, especially the poor. MSG isn’t just meant to make people bovine, sick and stupid—in the long run, it’s supposed to kill us.
“Wait,” you say, “if they wanted to kill us en masse, wouldn’t they use stronger, quicker
Well, they are. MSG is only one of many toxic things we are all consuming at a massive,
suicidal rate. Look at the labels on most processed foods, if you doubt that. And the sad fact is
that not everything that is being put into our food is listed, as most people innocently expect.
Some things—MSG, in particular—may also be “hidden” under different names, just so people
never realize how much of the stuff they are consuming.
Why does MSG have to be used in so many foods?
If you can think of a positive, non-criminal reason, then you haven’t been paying attention (either to this posting or to the many other articles written on the subject). This stuff doesn’t provide any indispensable benefits; more importantly, it can only be justified if the motives and agenda alluded to herein apply.
Copyright, 2015. Porter Davis. All rights reserved.