Is the GOP Grassroots Equipped to Defeat Democrats in 2020?

Is the GOP Grassroots Equipped to Defeat Democrats in 2020?

With primaries just a few months away, Democrats and Republicans are gearing up for what should be an epic showdown in 2020. The results will determine who will win the presidency and also who will hold majorities in the House and Senate.

Since the 2016 election, Democrat activists, Liberal celebrities, and the media have mobilized their base in anticipation of defeating President Trump and taking back the Senate.

While the activists and media have been quite vocal, is the Democratic base truly energized enough to take on Republican efforts? Is the GOP ready for battle? With almost eleven months until the election, there is only one real way to know how fired up each base is and what could happen in 2020.

Fundraising numbers tell the real story.

Fundraising Is the Ultimate Test of Grassroots Energy

Building a winning coalition is vital to the success of any politician or political party. Currently, the quickest way to know who has a stronger coalition and more energy amongst grassroots efforts is to look at fundraising results for both parties. So, let’s delve into some numbers and glean some knowledge.

Republican Fundraising

In 2019, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) built a massive war chest by raising $400 million. In the second quarter, they broke records jointly raising $105 million. In the third quarter, raising $125 million more, their own record was broken before the impeachment hearings began.

If the Democrats thought an impeachment inquiry would help them, they may have overestimated their good fortunes. The RNC reported that it raised a staggering $25.3 million during the impeachment hearings alone.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel commented on the staggering numbers:

“I started to see donors that had gone off-line from the RNC that hadn’t contributed since 2012, 2014, suddenly call and say, ‘I’m back in.’ And they have stayed reengaged.”

Finally, if that’s not impressive enough, at this same time in 2015 the GOP had $19.4 million on hand. The RNC says it now has $61.4 million in the bank, more than double what they had in January.

Democratic Fundraising

In contrast to the RNC, the DNC is in financial hardship. During the same reporting period, the DNC had only $8.2 million in its coffers and $7 million in debt.

The presidential candidates aren’t fairing much better. Combined together, the large field of Democratic candidates has raised only $62 million. Their efforts have only resulted in meager amounts of enthusiasm and funding.

While There Is Momentum, There Is Also Concern Among Republicans

Right now, President Trump and the RNC have a significant advantage momentum-wise. While that can change, the fundraising numbers do say something about grassroots energy. Clearly, Republicans are engaged and Democrats are struggling to mobilize activism for their causes.

How it all shakes out on election day remains to be seen.

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chairman Todd Young (R-IN), expressed concern that Democrats will soon start spending massive amounts of money to win back the Senate, even though Republicans have significantly outraised Democrats.

How? By using what is called “Dark Money.”

Dark Money is given by donors to non-profits who can shield a donor’s name from campaign finance reports. These Dark Money organization can pour millions of dollars into competitive Senate and House races.

Republicans also have non-profits that support Conservative causes as well. However, a key distinction between traditional fundraising and Dark Money is that the latter does not demonstrate a swell of support at the grassroots level. While Dems may have wealthy allies, Republicans have the support of the people.

Grassroots Campaigns Win Elections!

For a campaign to win, it requires a strong grassroots campaign on the ground in every state and district.

While the Democrats refuse to truly govern and are on their witch hunt to bring down Trump, they’re overlooking the enthusiasm of support they are building for the president and Republicans.

Small donations under $200 are the majority of donations to Republicans. For Democrats, it’s almost 50/50 between small and big donors.

What does this tell us?

Democrats are struggling to raise money and may not be as energized as they (and the media) want us to believe. The momentum is simply not on their side. Small donors are voters and it appears that the Republicans are well-equipped to defeat Democrats in 2020 if these fundraising patterns continue.

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