Is the Media Misrepresenting the Polls to Protect Biden?

Is the Media Misrepresenting the Polls to Protect Biden?

( – During the 2020 general election, there is little doubt that national liberal media did all they could to protect then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. He was the first nominee for President of the United States to run his entire campaign from the basement since James Buchanan in 1856. He gaffed numerous times, including telling Black Americans they weren’t Black unless they voted for him. Then there’s the explosive case of the Biden family corruption that the press refused to investigate and is now becoming more widely known.

However, as the new administration bristles under the consequences of Biden’s rhetoric and policies, it’s becoming harder to protect him. Truthfulness continues to evade him. Until Friday, April 16, Biden refused to acknowledge the “crisis” on the border as his administration called it a “challenge.” He broke his unity promise and passed a massive $1.9 trillion COVID-19 package — that constituted little relief — on a 100% party line. The $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal doesn’t have much infrastructure in it and is headed for a party-line vote again. Finally, he keeps calling state election reform laws “Jim Crow” laws when they obviously are not. Regardless, the media continues to protect him. According to three polls, it may not be working.

Media Wants America to Believe Biden and His Policies Are Popular

The media is jumping for joy that the Left seeks to pack the Supreme Court, end the filibuster in the Senate, end right-to-work states, terminate voter ID laws, defund the police, and open America’s border despite the pandemic.

At the same time, the media wants the public to believe that Biden’s inadequacies are nothing more than a figment of the Right-wing’s imagination. In fact, they want the country to believe Biden is more popular than former President Donald Trump ever was. The problem is those are not the facts, as stubborn as those in the media may be.

Let’s take a quick look at three polls.


Gallup’s newest “Satisfaction with the United States” for March 2021 reveals that a whopping 67% of the nation is dissatisfied with the way things are going, and 32% are “satisfied.” It’s almost identical to Trump’s numbers during the same period in his presidency: 66% dissatisfied and 32% satisfied. Strikingly, before the pandemic incentivized Democratic governors to lock down their states in perpetuity, Trump reached 45% – a feat that former-President Barack Obama never accomplished.


In Quinnipiac’s most recent poll, 48% of respondents said they approved of Biden’s performance to date, and 42% disapproved. However, the media isn’t digging deeper into what the polls say. The devil is always in the details. Only 34% “strongly approve” of the president, and 36% “strongly disapprove.” He’s in big trouble with the all-important independents as 27% “strongly approve” and 38% “strongly” disapprove.”

Worse still for the president, his honesty and leadership numbers are diving south fast because people believe he’s dividing the country. When asked if he’s honest or not, 42% said “no,” and 7% said they didn’t know.


Let’s continue with the last poll. The Marist/NPR poll says 52% of registered voters approve of Biden and 41% disagree. Let’s dig into the numbers a little deeper once again. Only 26% “Strongly approve” and 31% “strongly disapprove.” Additionally, 77% of registered voters oppose raising taxes to pay for the infrastructure proposal, and 74% oppose increasing the debt to fund it.

Voters weren’t excited by Biden in 2020, and only the far-left is excited now as he shrinks his base. Many view Biden as beholden to the progressive Left, and his actions are certainly reflecting that sentiment.

These are not the type of numbers one wants to see if they seek public support for major initiatives that could transform America altogether.

While the media tries to portray Biden and his agenda as popular, it appears that’s not the case when diving deeper into the poll numbers. It appears that when it comes to the media and only telling part of the story, some things never change.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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