Is the Silent Majority the Ultimate Form of Censorship?

Is the Silent Majority the Ultimate Form of Censorship?

( – The United States has always been divided on issues. In 2016, Donald Trump was elected by Americans who wanted to distance themselves from establishment politicians and the institutions of government who seemed more concerned with their own welfare than the welfare of those they were supposedly serving. Since Trump’s rise in early 2016, Democrats, far-left liberals, and the media have attacked Trump and his supporters viciously.

Much of the credit for the polls getting it wrong in 2016 was because people either weren’t truthful with pollsters or Trump supporters weren’t talking to them at all. In recent months, President Trump said that the silent majority is with him and will help ensure his re-election.

Conservatives rightly and appropriately slam the media and social media big tech companies for censoring conservative voices. However, that’s not the biggest form of censorship. The silent majority is actually a form of self-censorship, and it’s the largest form of suppression today. It’s real, and it exists for good reason.

Self-Censorship Is on the Rise

In July, the Cato Institute conducted a poll and determined that 62% of Americans believe the political climate prevents them from talking about their political beliefs to avoid offending people. That number is up 4 points from 2017 when 58% said they self-censored.

The poll said 58% of left-leaning liberals feel they can say whatever they want. However, only 52% of centrist liberals agree. However, to avoid confrontation, 64% of moderates and 77% of conservatives said they self-censor.

It makes some sense considering it’s the far-left voices in American politics that are heard the most often and the loudest through the media and social media.

What’s Driving the Silent Majority?

In a word, fear.

People are afraid to express their political opinions, and it’s understandable. There are so many instances of shaming, bullying, threatening, and even acts of physical harm against those who disagree with the left, many people prefer not to talk about their views.

Every Trump supporter is eventually questioned about why they like the president. It often turns into name-calling with labels such as racist, xenophobe, homophobe, and other unmentionable names being bandied about. These are among the worst things you can call a person.

Many people don’t want to get caught up in the fray. They don’t want their work and professional lives to be upended. They don’t want confrontation and hostilities with friends and family.

The result is, it’s easier and safer not to talk about politics and self-censor.

It Can Be Dangerous to Speak Up

In January 2018, Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann was falsely smeared by media outlets. The media attempted to paint the young Trump supporter wearing a red MAGA hat as the “face of an unruly mob.” However, he was trying to diffuse a bad situation caused by leftist activists. Though the media settled a multi-million-dollar lawsuit with the teenager, he still faces people who try to shame him for supporting Trump publicly.

Tens of millions of Americans are deeply upset about what they saw on TV throughout the summer. Violent riots, threats to defund police, public demonstrations destroying monuments, popular TV shows canceled because they portray police favorably.

Many American’s are afraid to speak up because they could be fired from their job. Plus, who’s standing up for them? Who will protect them if the mob comes their way?

CrossFit’s founder and CEO was forced to resign from his company because he refused to support Black Lives Matter. Editors of major newspapers were forced out for not going along with conventional modern liberal dogma and in some cases, printing opinions in opposition to liberal ideology.

Today, you’re not only wrong if you don’t support the far-left agenda in America, but you’re also labeled a bad person.

It’s Sad There Is a Silent Majority

Sadly, there is a silent majority in America. We are supposed to be the country that sets the example for free speech in a world where dictators traditionally decided what people can and cannot say.

The frightening truth is that America is being bullied into self-censorship. America just undid the movement to stop bullying among our youth by acting like bullies ourselves. The media, big tech giants, and far-left zealots are trying to force America into silence or face the consequences if they speak up.

Hopefully, America comes to its senses in two weeks and refuses to reward this behavior.

Perhaps the silent majority will show up in force again?

We’ll see.

By Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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